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            About Ribo

            Established in 2007, Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co. Ltd. is devoted to the advanced oligonucleotide therapeutics in China including siRNA, antisense and aptamer drugs based on proprietary intellectual properties. The core members of the R&D team include top experts in the fields of siRNA biotechnology, nucleic acid chemistry, drug delivery and development, consisting of both overseas returnees and domestic scientists. Ribo is committed to promoting siRNA and other RNA drugs, as well as technology innovation, in order to deliver more precise and efficient therapies to the patients worldwide.

            Technological Innovations

            Ribo continues to promote innovation of drugs development and the manufacturing process and has established an integrated drug R&D system covering drug design, target validation, drug delivery, quality study, pharmacological, toxicological, and pharmacokinetic evaluation, synthesis of monomers and oligonucleotides, and clinical study.

            siRNA delivery technology platform

            Oligonucleotide modification for enhanced stability platform

            Oligonucleotide therapeutic bioanalysis platform

            CMC Development of Oligonucleotide platform

            Oligonucleotide monomer platform

            Oligonucleotide sequence design and high-throughput screening platform


            Driven by independent innovation and international cooperation, Ribo has built up robust R&D pipelines for oligonucleotide targeted at a number of therapeutic areas, such as ophthalmic diseases, metabolic diseases,central nervous system diseases, cancer, and liver diseases, in addition to anti-virus treatment.




            Type 2 Diabetes


            Prostate Cancer


            Hepatitis B


            Thrombotic Diseases



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